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“I realized what a genuine and passionate person Roger was when he willingly walked over a mile to reach the beach where I had always dreamed to have photos taken with my horse. He gave his all the entire time and never once made me feel bad or silly for what I wanted. In fact, he made me feel like a beautiful, creative queen ready to follow my steed and I on any quest to any desired land or lighting!”

Roger was incredible to work with. He creates a weightless, natural environment where you don’t feel pressured to rush or compensate your vision for the shoot. He is also fantastic at candids and capturing beautiful moments that don’t require a background in modeling!”

– Kelsey G.

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“Roger is in love with our North Bay and you can really see that love come through in all of his work. From vineyards to shots of the bay to portraits of Californians just doing their thing, he is able to beautifully capture what it is that makes a scene special. I’ve worked with Roger to have my floral designs photographed – and he is “. He listens to my hair-brained schemes of how I think something should be captured, takes the shot and then suggests different takes on how to make something shine. He knows how to capture what I want but provides the eye and experience to exceed my limited ideas of what the shot should be. He’s a pro!”

– Lennie L.

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“During my solo shoot, Roger took his time and blended into the background helping me to relax and thus got a more natural shot. Appreciated your patience in waiting out my nerves!”

He has a friendly, casual style that make it fun. Very approachable!

– Suzi G.

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“Roger is the Best!! My family all had great things to say about him and his photo work.

Rogers’s professionalism and interaction with family members while taking pictures. Great job!!

Hire him. You will be happy with the results.”

– Brett M.

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“Awesome photographer! He listens to what you are looking for and has an exceptional eye. He is very good at making you feel comfortable regardless of the shoot location. I was blown away with the photos that he did for me and I am so excited to get family photos done. Amazing guy with a wonderful personality.”

– Monica W.

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“His personality is so nice and friendly and motivating.

Very friendly and he helped me with my confidence in front of the camera!

Check him out he takes amazing photos and is so much fun to work with.” 

-Anne B.

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